reFLEXible | REALGAR | Amirani Records

The Antwerp & Brussels-based Collectief reFLEXible –Joachim Devillé (trumpet, flugelhorn), Thomas Olbrechts (alto saxophone), Stefan Prins (piano, objects and live-electronics) – focuses on free improvised music (or instant composed music) often combined with other media as dance, performance, video and film. The different backgrounds of the members gives the collectief its unique sound and character. Continue reading

EA Silence | Cono di Ombra e Luce | Amirani Records

EA Silence trio crosses dramatic soundscapes, outfiltering a nitid, spherical, dense matter. Whispering shadows gently flowing in the hidden dark space of an ancient synagogue. A morphing thunder pushed by acoustical swords, generating long distance waves and slow, inexorable tides. A stunning contemporary work deeply conceived to get perfect sounding ideas, dancing with the space around. Continue reading

ElectroAcousticSilence | Flatime | Amirani Records

Second excellent work for ElectroAcousticalSilence on Amirani, here is an awesome sound investigation, with lyrical flights in a contemporary atmosphere and sudden perspective changes in depth, space, drama and warmth.Pisani’s bassoon poetry and Cosottini fluegelhorn sweetness find in Taketo Gohara‘s sound design a new teathrical dimension and a vertigo delight, excellently sustained and pushed by the groovy dash of Pedol’s grounding bass and the Melani’s refined drums. Continue reading

Gianni Lenoci | Carlos Zingaro | Marcello Magliocchi | Serendipity | Amirani Records

Recorded live at 2007 Bari jazz festival here is an excellent and vivid performance. The free violin legend Carlos Zingaro along with the subtleness of Gianni Lenoci ‘s touch on and in the piano and the colourful energetic percussion of Marcello Magliocchi deliver a fresh, deep, sometimes joyous music. Like children with precious thing in their hands, the trio dangerously manage the sound developments with a great sensitivity and brave directions. The attention to quality and drama of what is taking shape under their playing seems to get back in a sort of reflection, a surprising discovery of an unexpected beauty. Continue reading

Gianni Mimmo | Lorenzo Dal Ri | Bespoken | Amirani Records

Finally on CD this magical collaboration started on winter 2002 and still alive and well! Elegant sound concept and electro-acoustical statement, BESPOKEN is a project performed by Lorenzo Dal Ri (sound treatments, live electronics & field recording) and Gianni Mimmo (soprano & bass saxes, piano & prepared piano). Old and new hits, beautifully mixed by Lorenzo Dal Ri, through inner multi-perspective sound tales. Continue reading

Gianni Mimmo | Xabier Iriondo | Your Very Eyes | Amirani Records

Performance recorded early on a sunny dawn, June the 24th, 2007, in an ancient 10th century cave-church in a magic stone town named Matera, South of Italy. The church is named Santa Lucia alle Malve. Summer solstice is a holy moment in so many and various traditions. We chose there because of the sound of these alveolar stones. Not only we had beautiful reverbes and resonant echoes but the sound seemed to go into the stones themselves.
Continue reading

Gianni Mimmo | Angelo Contini | Two’s Days / Tuesdays | Amirani Records

The duo is translucent and light formula, first communication nucleus, distance to live, exploration of a moment-built spaces. Duo is a pure modality, where catching inner voices, subtle tones moves. Sanding tones, sculpted light, earthquake’s delight. Dialogical to welcome and fuse the silences with sounds. Two instruments, a soprano sax and a trombone, without any rhythmic or harmonic support, played with a contemporary attitude, in a composed and improvised score, including originals and a couple of tunes by Steve Lacy two sounds, friends & enemies, two sides: instinctive & direct vs elegant & mindy, really blade runners. Continue reading