Gianni Mimmo | One Way Ticket | Amirani Records

One way ticket is a compendium of Gianni’s quest on the soprano sax. Besides those already mentioned, there are compositions by Monk, S.Lacy, and D.Ellington. A varied and unusual repertory tackled with innovativeness and inventiveness. The use of extended techniques, the result of intense hard work on the instrument, is never “encyclopaedic”, but a function of an aesthetics that looks carefully at the relationship between monodic sound and silence. Continue reading

Rocco Parisi’s Bass Clarinet Quartet | A Tempo, A Modo – Path Tracking Vito Marsico | Amirani Records

This project has been created by the Associazione Libarna Arteventi in collaboration with Amirani Records and Teriyaki Records. Thanks to Serravalle Scrivia municipality, it has also been included in the 2013 edition of Le Storie del Novecento national literary awards. The project is based on the idea that art and culture are not only a source of beauty and aesthetic pleasure, but they are also a way of life. Culture is the way we behave and live, it is harmony in its different forms, education, balance, and personal growth. Music and art are universal languages as well as an integral part of everyone’s life. They are limitless or, to be precise, their only limit is your creativity. They are also a means of promotion for ethics and spirituality. Today more than ever, culture needs to be supported by valorising local cultural individualism. That’s why we want to thank local businesses for sponsoring our project by personally investing in it, despite the difficult economic situation. “Fare cultura” (to “do culture”) also involves increasing public awareness of the arts’ real value and of the fact that they should not be kept hidden behind the walls of a theatre or of a museum. — Iudica Dameri Continue reading

Nicola Guazzaloca | Tecniche Arcaiche | Amirani Records

Don’t miss Nicola’s assertive solo work !A remarkable balance between impetus and delicacy, a consistent mélange of authority and audacity, lyrical flights and meaty smashes that give both the experienced listener and the newcomer a great recording! First solo album by Nicola Guazzaloca delivers us a fully blossomed pianist. A genuine work of constant inventiveness where simple light figures and deeply textured sketches are driven by the impetus of the instant self-composing material and by a complete investigation of the piano, never losing the narrative control and the force of a fresh suggestion. Continue reading

Dissoi Logoi | Nyx | Amirani Records

tHe nyX ProJect The title we chose for this project is the name given by the Greeks to the NIGHT, which was not only a moment of the day but most of all a primordial goddess. NYX is mother to good-natured children like Hypnos (Sleep), Oneiroi (Dream), Hesperides (sunset Nymphs associated with dance and chant) and Philotes (Pleasure of love, Friendship, Tenderness) … but NYX generated also terribly ill-natured children among which Thànatos (Death), Moros (Doom), the Keres (goddesses of violent death), the Moirae (the”Fates”, the three crones who control destiny, in Rome known as “le Parche”) Continue reading

Angelo Contini | Mirio Cosottini | Gianni Mimmo | Alessio Pisani | A Windy Season | Tidal Amphidromic Cotidal | Amirani Records

Be sure to find here a cutting edge recording! Marvellous sound textures, perfectly balanced moods and violent delights. Surprising, one-of-a-kind wind quartet featuring sizziling musicians taken here in an excellent album. A Tidal music where elements dance in a fluid structure starting from solid centers and radiating to live nerve endings. Continue reading

Edoardo Marraffa | Thollem McDonas | Stefano Giust | Polishing The Mirror | Amirani Records

Sound image permutations talented skills and generous playing are the amazing features of this album taken live during the successful italian tour and finely mastered by renowed The Norman Conquest, Oakland, CA. Along with the return on Amirani Rec. of prolific Thollem McDonas, an assertive pianist and perpetually touring artist with concerts all over the planet and excellent collaborations, this Polishing The Mirror features the volcanic, sincere, screaming, climbing and soulful playing by Edoardo Marraffa, aboslutely one of the most original saxophone voice of the italian avant-scene, and the oblique, multi perspective, far from conventional drumming by Stefano Giust, an harsh and exquisite touch servicing music with restless energy and faith. Amirani is pretty proud to host here Stefano Giust, SETOLA DI MAIALE president, the most prolific european avant-garde label, heroic presence and unmistakable reference for improvisation, experimental and advancend, talented projects from all over the world. Continue reading

EA Orchestra | Likeidos | Amirani Records

Amazing interplay and brilliant skills are here the perfect medium to reach perfect result, in terms of complexity, fresh interpretations and emotional involvement. A breathtaking performance in a superbe recording session, featuring the most interesting voices of the italian avant-scene, here is an high level release with intriguing compositions by bassoonist Alessio Pisani and trumpetist Mirio Cosottini, founders of GRIM, artistic association that aims to promote improvisation and a fresher approach to modern composition. Continue reading

The Shoreditch Trio | Again | Amirani Records

When I think about what I look for in a musician it is that they add something to music. That they have their own musicality. The musician also has to have a generosity of spirit. Freely bringing their complete range of skills to the playing situation and serving a musical imperative rather than following or hiding behind an agenda. They must also have what I call the edge. This is creating in real time. There are many musicians who can play Charlie Parker solos note for note but the edge is missing as they are not, nor ever could be, Charlie Parker. Non of us can be someone else. To have the edge is not to trot out a series of well rehearsed licks but to be there, in the moment, playing the music in the way only you can. I have had the good fortune to have played with three musicians on this CD and they pass all my criteria to the full. Generous with ideas, open minded and spirited, and with a genuine musical curiosity. As a group I heard them in October 2009 at Shoreditch Church in London and thought at the time ‘this group has legs’ meaning that it could continue growing and developing its music for a long time if the chance was there. I’m delighted it wasn’t a one off concert and that the group has indeed grown into the fine one you can here on this CD, where each musician is intimately aware of the space occupied by the others and the aim is quite simply to play good music. — John Russell Continue reading

Gianni Mimmo | Harri Sjöström | Live at Bauchhund Berlin 2010 | Amirani Records

The soprano saxophone is an unsafe place. Here two musicians devoted to the “fish horn” in an intriguing sound mirror play. Transparence and flexibility of this rare formula rapresent the first nucleus of a reciprocal discover, a distance suddenly dialogic and without hiding possibility. It’s a dance, ovelapping different and close identities, where the inner voices catch themselves, giving room to a new narration, easy and complex at the same time, and to an expressive push. Deeply explored here, the soprano sax shows still a surprising modernity, a plastic psossibility, a great elegance and a more phisycal, direct sometimes violent side. Both pupils of the modern soprano sax master Steve Lacy, but with different derivations, Harri Sjöström and Gianni Mimmo are considered among the most interesting sound declinations of the soprano saxophone. Lyrical, ispired, harsh and warm at the same time they are performers with a personal style, great skills and sensitive feelings. Continue reading