Headlights | by Manuel Mota

Manuel Mota, born 1970, Lisbon, Portugal. Public activity since 1989. Has performed in Europe and U.S.A. Between 1989 and 1997 he studies and experiments with prepared guitar, mainly acoustic. Since then his interests shifted to the development of a language for fingerstyle electric guitar. Works in a regular basis with bassist Margarida Garcia and trumpeter Sei Miguel (both collaborations since 1997) Funds the record label ‘Headlights’ in 1998. Continue reading

Amirani Records

a m i r a n i r e c o r d s lends an ear to what rings true in the production of sound and art, whether experimental or not. Attention to tales from within, to narration torn from vividly chequered imprecision, to fragments of pure air, snatches of urgency, tentative dirges, and to bright traces, silences and depths, that together enable a mapping both published and unpublished creativity. a m i r a n i r e c o r d s awakens curiosity, reveals the light in fragments and observes the richness of mingling. Its collection of exchanges and risky juxtapositions will catalogue, and like little flags on a map, clarify the emergence of underlying intentions. A network that vibrates in twists and turns. An acute listening that first pinpoints the elements and then understands the whole. Continue reading

Raymond Dijkstra

All my work is highly autobiographical, highly subjective and highly emotional. In this sense my work is the complete opposite of that from most musicmakers out of the experimental corner who’s work is mostly without any emotion. The reason for me making music is to strenghten my connection with life. For me my music is not experimental, simply because it was Never made to experiment. There is a bit of a problem with most experimental musicians, who are mostly only touching the surface of a subject after which they go beyond to find another experiment. I feel more connected to painters and sculptors who delve deep into the subject and explore it thoroughly, going into every possible direction, to really connect with their world. Even more interesting I find it when one connects with ones own genuine personal world. Just to come home to his self, instead of going out for a journey, what experimenting often is. — Raymond Dijkstra Continue reading

VOX Audio

Compact Disks of Contemporary Poetry Edited by Bruce Holsapple featuring Mera Wolf, Todd Moore, Lee Sharkey, Margaret Randall, John Macker, Albert Huffstickler, David Benedetti, Gary Brower, Michael Rothenberg, David Meltzer, … Continue reading

Gazelle Poetry Books

Gazelle Book Services is one of the most experienced book distribution companies in Europe, offers a fast, flexible and effective distribution service stretching across Great Britain, Ireland, Eastern and Western Europe. Since its inception in 1988, Gazelle has built up an unparalleled range of international publishers with lists spanning more than 200 subject areas. Continue reading

Bayou Seco

Ken Keppeler and Jeanie McLerie who form the heart of Bayou Seco, have been researching and playing the music of the Southwest USA – from the Mississippi to the deserts of Arizona – for twenty two years. Respectfully drawing from these traditions and from their own ancestors, they present to the public an exciting and informative overview of Southwestern music on diatonic accordions, fiddles, guitar, mandolin, banjo and harmonica. Continue reading

Euphorium Records

EUPHORIUM Records is producing musical documents of a special european circle of improvising musicians. There are grandmasters and new talents involved.

EUPHORIUM Books releases texts that are made to the special european circle of improvising musicians, dancers and performers that are known under the name of the ensemble EUPHORIUM_freakestra. The texts are created by Oliver Schwerdt and speaker-actor Friedrich Kettlitz. Of course these fascinating, neo-dadaistic, german based words can be seen as wonderful music too.

EUPHORIUM Films is producing video documents of a special european circle of improvising musicians, dancers and performers. There are grandmasters, new talents, ordinary and strange people involved.

EUPHORIUM Magazine. Independent Reviews of Jazz, Contemporary & Improvised Music written by Oliver Schwerdt. Radikal-kritisch, poetisch. Relativ.

Continue reading

Edgetone Records

Edgetone Records was founded by musician/producer, Rent Romus. The label took shape in 1991 to support his group’s original jazz recordings. After being on a long hiatus Rent re-opened Edgetone in January 2000 and expanded it to support avant-garde and experimental music and recordings crossing the genre boundaries specifically for D.I.Y. (do it yourself) artists looking for a ground base and community label identity. The community of musicians on Edgetone are those who do not want to compromise their vision to fit into a narrow definition of “commercially viable”, or necessarily take on standard genre tags. They are those that believe in their efforts and work to see them through creative business mechanisms to support their ideas and dreams. The artists of Edgetone have what it takes to stand on their own and seek the need to expand their support. Continue reading