Rogueart Jazz

RogueArt’s a natural name for a label that provides shelter for music that is outside the mainstream. – Michel Dorbon, Rogue Art founder.

In matters of artistic expression cheaper the statement, the more chances it gets to be heard. The market demands barren goods with a short turnover and no resistance. As far as music is concerned, one only has to dig into the entertainment supermarket displays to find that they are packed with cheesy products: is it for hiding some treasures destined to a happy few? On the other hand, this implacable Market is crushing independent record shops and labels that aim at experienced music lovers and true curious.

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Headlights | by Manuel Mota

Manuel Mota, born 1970, Lisbon, Portugal. Public activity since 1989. Has performed in Europe and U.S.A. Between 1989 and 1997 he studies and experiments with prepared guitar, mainly acoustic. Since then his interests shifted to the development of a language for fingerstyle electric guitar. Works in a regular basis with bassist Margarida Garcia and trumpeter Sei Miguel (both collaborations since 1997) Funds the record label ‘Headlights’ in 1998. Continue reading


percaso production was established in 1986 by Swiss saxophonist and composer Christoph Gallio who operates the label singlehandely. percaso production is a “subjective” label not charakterized by certain musical styles, but rather a selection by director’s choice. Quality of musical expression counts; commercial determinans not. percaso production collaborates with visual artists in packaging. Danish graphic designer Anne Hoffmann places the format and image into context making the medium a message as well as the music. percaso production releases are created with utmost loving care. All in all: music produced by and for the audiophile. Continue reading

Kevin Frenette

Featuring Kevin Frenette on guitar Andy McWain on piano, Todd Keating on bass and Tatsuya Nakatani on drums. I am previously familiar with just 2 members of this quartet. Boston pianist, Andy McWain, has had a couple of strong discs on this same label, a quartet date with Assif Tsahar and a trio with Albey Balgochian & Lawrence Cook that I reviewed. Former Boston-based percussion wiz, Tatsuya Nakatani, remains one of the best and most distinctive of all improvising drummers and moved to Pennsylvania a couple of years back. Although Kevin has nice round jazz guitar tone, his playing is quite free and focused. Both he and pianist, Andy McWain, have a special relationship as they swirl layers of notes around one another with a magical connection. The other magic is the way the acoustic bass and drums also swirl freely at an astonishing pace that is sparse and well-connected simultaneously. It is as is there are two incredible duos playing at the same time yet they are subliminally always connected. — Bruce Lee Gallanter Continue reading

Jonathan Zorn

My Mind Was Matching What You Were Making | set 01 Rachel Thompson – violin, Jonathan Zorn – synthesizer Violin processed by synthesizer, synthesizer processing violin. Two tracks of collaborative … Continue reading