Polvere | Polvere 10 inch

Xabier Iriondo, known for his previous works with Paolo Cantú in A Short Apnea as well as Uncode Duello projects, teamed up this time with Mattia Coletti to form Polvere, an indeed thrilling electro-acoustic project, in order to meet and mix opposite attitudes in music, searching for a personal musical way. Surely one of the best and the most entertaining releases in the catalogue yet!

Mattia Coletti – ukulele, acoustic and electric guitars, drums, percussions & voices | Xabier Iriondo – taisho koto, zither, old ’20 78RPM Japanese records, electronic treatments.

Recorded and mixed at Zeno and Zulo Gorria Studios | Mastered at Bips Studios by Maurizio Giannotti | Graphics by Polvere and Mirko Spino | Limited edition of 500 copies.

Tracklist: 1. Rumors about polvere | 2. Dust folk song #1 | 3. Rice between clocks | 4. 78 [Traditional] | 5. …And if you slam the door [to Fabio Magistrali] | 6. Almsgiving blues reprise

The Polvere “Polvere” 10″ (Minority Records, MIN19) is six tracks of Mattia Coletti on acoustic and electric guitars, drums, percussions and vocals, and Xabier Iriondo on ukulele, taisho koto, zither, old Japanese 78s and electronic treatments. Let’s one think this was a new Polvo side-project! Coletti is a collaborator with Christa Pfangen and Iriondo has played with Damo Suzuki’s Network and Tasaday, the 80’s Italian experimental outfit. The 10″ is an edition of 500 but more sensitive and forward-thinking millionaires amongst us would sensibly buy every last one. Is this that good? The sleeve is white with simple lettering. The inner sleeve is bright red. The vinyl is slender and sharp-edged and sounds good even on a second-hand classroom record player. So, sort of. Think bodacious cantatas and you begin to dream to maybe possibly hope to approach the end result.

Signal to Noise #47

LP version (incl. shipment cost world-wide)

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