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Tape is a trio from Stockholm, building their music from a whole array of acoustic instruments, computer and field recordings. Their first CD “Opera” got excellent reviews in international press and was compared to artists such as Talk Talk, Gastr del Sol, Fennesz, John Fahey and Faust. “Milieu Plus” is peaceful, slightly melancholic, impressionistic without sounding tentative.

Andreas Berthling / Johan Berthling / Tomas Hallonsten

Banjo, violin, guitar, synthesizer, computer, organ, harmonium, accordion, harmonica, trumpet, field recordings, percussion, concrete sounds, vibraphone, glockenspiel, Chinese flute, alto recorder, piano, melodica.

Guests: Magnus Granberg – alt saxophone (4,7) | Staffan Johansson – lapsteel guitar (2,8) | Played, recorded and mixed by Tape at Öland and in Stockholm Summer & Autumn of 2003. | Mastered by Henrik Jonsson at Polar Studios and Masters of Audio. | Cover by Klas Augustsson. Photos by Ann Sofie Börjesson. | Limited edition of 500 hand numbered copies on clear yellow vinyl.

Tracklist: 1. Oak player | 2. Sponge chorus | 3. Star skid | 4. Crippled tree | 5. Augustan chateau | 6. Edisto | 7. Spruce horns | 8. Golden twig | 9. Rocked root | 10. Long bell | 11. Root tattoo | 12. Switchboard fog

This little beauty nearly passed us by completely, thank god it didn’t.

Tape’s second album manages to slightly outclass their debut offering ‘Opera’ by building up their uniquely passionate embrace of the world of live acoustic instrumentation. Tape is a trio from Stockholm, Sweden, building their music from a whole array of acoustic instruments, subtle electronics and field recordings. This eight track album manages to combine warm sonics with a slight abstract angle seemingly without any effort at all through the use of banjo, violin, organ, harmonium, accordion, harmonica and trumpet (plus around 10 other exotic instruments). To spotlight individual tracks is not necessary it’s the joy you’ll arrive at through listening to this album from start to finish that’ll really make you fall in love with this CD. At time joyful and at others sadly beautiful, bringing to mind the aura of Mark Hollis’ post Talk Talk debut album from 1998. I really can’t recommend this album highly enough. Please check it out.


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