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Big Hammer No. 7


Iniquity Press / Vendetta Books

In Memory of Enid Dame & Charlie Mosler

The inspiration for this Laundromat-themed issue came from David Cope’s poem As the dryers rolled. I had 3 of my own laundromat poems & figured it’d be a good idea for a collection. Then I discovered another editor had already had this bright idea & had seen it through into print. I put a dollar in an envelope & wasn’t disappointed. Mail $ 1. to A.J. Michel at PMB 1057, 112 Muir Av., Hazleton, PA, 18201 for a copy of Laundry Basket: Tales of Washday Woe.

Front Cover: Angela Mark. Back Cover: Theodore A. Harris

Big Hammer No. 7 copyrite 2004. all rites belong to contributers. ISSN-1043-1268


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