Hubert Bergmann | Yellerwood | Udo Schindler | Rome Hills | Mudoks Record

ROME HILLS, in case of tonal emergency The story behind this music is for the most part unknown. Rome 2012. During a brief stay in February – wandering from place to place in the city, pleasantly warm, every day life in the North now vanishing, somehow a newcomer in this interim spawning ground of being, here where Passolini hinted his portent in the ether. The cafes in which the ether coagulates, barely concealing their peace and tranquility, and each place where memories are celebrated are so old that forgetting now is hardly noticeable. History disappears just around the corner. One who fights “against” this forgetfulness , is an atypical Roman, Massimo, whom I met in front of the now entirely contrived Fiaschetteria, once the hangout and meeting place of Roman artists, who gave me an update of the happenings in the Italian scene. Later in the train while the sounds of AH23 fluttered gently through my mind (I imagined his burning finger and M.’s portrait sunk into the Tiber), a video popped up, totally unexpected, on my google site. John Cage and Cathy Berberian, who performed this mysterious aria in Rome, sang a piece whose link I was able to pull up on my computer – something about “yellow” and “wood” that I later discovered was “Yellerwood.” A voice from the Roman Hills sounded so like Berberian. Then the request on this unknown woman, via Mr. Ricci, if she might be interested in contributing her wonderful voice to recordings done in October 2011 with Udo, a bustling multi-reed man. Something however was missing. Her voice shuttled back and forth, a poem added for garnishment, out of which a new and peculiar world blossomed into a fine mood. Something from Berberian, the utter essence of nature and beauty. Everything that knows itself is sound… No reason to crash… Hubert Bergmann Continue reading

Hubert Bergmann | Gilad Atzmon | Zone de Memoire | Mudoks Record

Musical fruitfulness doesn’t come easy. But in an improvisation between two men who are playing together for the first time, something incredible can happen: the instantaneous poignancy of the justgenerated material, the visible sparks of the respective imaginations, the concrete explanation behind that fundamental instinct which pushes gifted humans to attempt a creative act to look into themselves to begin with, and communicate with fellow talented speciments later on. — Massimo Ricci Continue reading

Lajos Dudas | Hubert Bergmann | What’s Up Neighbor? | Mudoks Record

A workshop for improvised and new music -I read – right here in our charming, dreamy resort town on Lake Constance, in my neighborhood? And I know nothing about it? I needed to take a closer look at this. A few days later I am cordially received by Hubert Bergmann, pianist and initiator of the workshop, who suggested the idea of maybe playing together. My period of “free – improvisation” lay in the 1980’s, with the CL4 Clarinet Quartet and the Turk-Bulgarian vocalist Yildiz Ibrahimova. Hubert had recently produced with the guitarist, Mary Halvorson, a free – improvised session. Our musical directions, developmentally, were in opposition, the jazz clarinetist and the pianist, basically in the field of contemporary music.” Would this work? We improvised spontaneous and extensively without particular attention to tempo, theme or scale, having only occasionally paused to discuss an interval, a scale fragment or the character of an atmosphere. The results were surprising to us; we knew immediately that the recording should be made public. You’re holding the disc in your hand, please enjoy! — Lajos Dudas Continue reading