Rocco Parisi’s Bass Clarinet Quartet | A Tempo, A Modo – Path Tracking Vito Marsico | Amirani Records

This project has been created by the Associazione Libarna Arteventi in collaboration with Amirani Records and Teriyaki Records. Thanks to Serravalle Scrivia municipality, it has also been included in the 2013 edition of Le Storie del Novecento national literary awards. The project is based on the idea that art and culture are not only a source of beauty and aesthetic pleasure, but they are also a way of life. Culture is the way we behave and live, it is harmony in its different forms, education, balance, and personal growth. Music and art are universal languages as well as an integral part of everyone’s life. They are limitless or, to be precise, their only limit is your creativity. They are also a means of promotion for ethics and spirituality. Today more than ever, culture needs to be supported by valorising local cultural individualism. That’s why we want to thank local businesses for sponsoring our project by personally investing in it, despite the difficult economic situation. “Fare cultura” (to “do culture”) also involves increasing public awareness of the arts’ real value and of the fact that they should not be kept hidden behind the walls of a theatre or of a museum. — Iudica Dameri Continue reading

Angelo Contini | Mirio Cosottini | Gianni Mimmo | Alessio Pisani | A Windy Season | Tidal Amphidromic Cotidal | Amirani Records

Be sure to find here a cutting edge recording! Marvellous sound textures, perfectly balanced moods and violent delights. Surprising, one-of-a-kind wind quartet featuring sizziling musicians taken here in an excellent album. A Tidal music where elements dance in a fluid structure starting from solid centers and radiating to live nerve endings. Continue reading

Wild Chamber Trio | Gianni Mimmo | Elisabeth Harnik | Clementine Gasser | 10.000 Leaves | Not Two Records

The WILD CHAMBER TRIO recording is full of that freshness that easily overcomes genres and categories. The technical preparation of the single performers is impressive and the Trio emphasizes a powerful sense of ensemble by making-music-together in a constant listening to each other in a continuum that is rich of an almost endless palette of colours, sensitivity, shadow and light, weight and lightness. — Dario Palermo 5/2011 Continue reading

The Shoreditch Trio | Again | Amirani Records

When I think about what I look for in a musician it is that they add something to music. That they have their own musicality. The musician also has to have a generosity of spirit. Freely bringing their complete range of skills to the playing situation and serving a musical imperative rather than following or hiding behind an agenda. They must also have what I call the edge. This is creating in real time. There are many musicians who can play Charlie Parker solos note for note but the edge is missing as they are not, nor ever could be, Charlie Parker. Non of us can be someone else. To have the edge is not to trot out a series of well rehearsed licks but to be there, in the moment, playing the music in the way only you can. I have had the good fortune to have played with three musicians on this CD and they pass all my criteria to the full. Generous with ideas, open minded and spirited, and with a genuine musical curiosity. As a group I heard them in October 2009 at Shoreditch Church in London and thought at the time ‘this group has legs’ meaning that it could continue growing and developing its music for a long time if the chance was there. I’m delighted it wasn’t a one off concert and that the group has indeed grown into the fine one you can here on this CD, where each musician is intimately aware of the space occupied by the others and the aim is quite simply to play good music. — John Russell Continue reading

Sureau | Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg | Jean Demey | Kris Vanderstraeten | Gianni Mimmo | Enzo Rocco | The Leuven Concert

The SUREAU trio trio is playing free spontaneous improvisations based on mutual listening, musical invention and sound exploration. Double bass , voice and percussion. This collective music is shaped with our own very individual sounds research since years of practice and reflection with the help of our imagination. Extended techniques and tangent interactive thinking. These five new tracks of the whole concert in Leuven’s Oratorium 22 oct ’09 is a good starting point for the listener and one crucial step in our evolution. Continue reading

Hannah Marshall | Nicola Guazzaloca | Gianni Mimmo | Leila Adu | The Shoreditch Concert | Amirani Records

The Shoreditch Church concert and recording represents one of the best performances I have assisted in the past 2009. Four different and strong personalities, extremely talented, have played in an unusual place [an old church in the busy Shoreditch central London area] that for the characteristic of its own acoustic has engaged the quartet in a highly demanding level of concentration, and resulting in an extraordinary performance”. Excerpt from the liner note by composer Dario Palermo Continue reading

Amirani Records

a m i r a n i r e c o r d s lends an ear to what rings true in the production of sound and art, whether experimental or not. Attention to tales from within, to narration torn from vividly chequered imprecision, to fragments of pure air, snatches of urgency, tentative dirges, and to bright traces, silences and depths, that together enable a mapping both published and unpublished creativity. a m i r a n i r e c o r d s awakens curiosity, reveals the light in fragments and observes the richness of mingling. Its collection of exchanges and risky juxtapositions will catalogue, and like little flags on a map, clarify the emergence of underlying intentions. A network that vibrates in twists and turns. An acute listening that first pinpoints the elements and then understands the whole. Continue reading