Illàchime Quartet | I’m Normal, My Heart Still Works | fratto 9

Illàchime Quartet is an instrumental ensemble based in Naples (Italy) that joins electronics and acoustic instruments. It gathers sounds and noises from the surroundings as well as scattered fragments of acoustic memories, which form the texture for the interventions of the musicians along rough and terse lines, often improvised. Final target: to intrigue and to seduce the audience by means of an unconventional, highly kinematic sonic experience. This new album contains six tracks and a ghost track. Continue reading

I/O | Polytone | fratto 9

The band has played with different artist like Liars, Ovo, Anatrofobia, Damo Suzuki, Giuseppe Ielasi, Rosolina Mar and many others. I/O defined itself as “Minimalistic Rhythmic Improvisation” and “Poytone” is characterized by a focus on the rhythmic aspects of the songs (referring in particular to the idea of “pulse” meant in the minimalistic way), which are built and de-constructed in the 8 tracks of the cd. Continue reading

Jealousy Party | Live | fratto 9

Jealousy party, active Florentine ensemble from 1995, rape the suggestions of the free music (jazz and not only), avant-rock , the disturbed and unsociable electronics, squirts of songs, saxs, laptop and CDs in flames and histrionic vocal manipulations. The mutant project expresses with delirium and de-structured transparency the synthesis among creative abstract-ism, expressive urgency, mad avant-gardist, theatricality and punk attitude. Continue reading

Geordie Haley Trio | Polar Bears

Geordie Haley – guitars | Nick Fraser – drums | Scott Thompson – trombone

Mixed and engineered by Pater Lee and Matt Speight. Recorded at the Shed a Five Springs Hillburg, Ontario august 6 and 7, 2005. Dora’s eastern shore, fritz, blueski and new composed by Geordie Haley. Mixed by Jean Martin. Continue reading

Airchamber 3 | Crumble | Amirani Records

Alessandria, Italy based trio, Airchamber3 is working hard on improvisations, experimental sounds performances, trying to keep focused their ideas and creating ever new, intense, subtle narrations. After many live performances their style has become piercing and dramatic. Expanding the electro-acoustic concept to the complexity and diversity, their way to proceed in creating sounds makes great their music. Vertical and oblique, deep and superficial find here the possibility to be heard and experienced. Airchamber3 is proudly produced by amirani records.
Continue reading