The Bubbadinos | The Band Only A Mother Could Love | Zerx

“As it sez right there on the slip cover, Ultra Americana Deluxe. And may I just add to that, here and right now, that these here Bubbadinos continue to explore the EXTREMELY alt. Western kinda canyons even Johnny Dowd merely peers down every now and then… provide more than their fair share of Uneasy Listening Pleasure… Turn it on, tune in, drop far out.” — Gary “Pig” Gold, In Music We Trust, March 2003 Continue reading

The Bubbadinos | Yup, We’re Beating A Dead Horse | Zerx

As much as Bubba D loved playing the tracking sessions Dino loved the mixing sessions with the post crew DQW (dino/quincy/weber). When we finally dug into the studio “concept album” (#4- yup, we’re beating a dead horse/the sargent bubbadino sessions), we used George Martin’s book (with a little help from my friends), about the making of Revolver/Sgt. Pepper’s/Magical Mystery Tour, as the script for the entire project.– J.A. Deane Continue reading

Leszek Kułakowski | Eurofonia | Not Two Records

At the 4th Komeda Jazz Festival in 1998 Leszek Kulakowski presented his project and symphonic score called EUROFONIA. This is not his first attempt to combine symphony music with jazz. The compositions “Chopin And Other Songs” are examples of such combinations. EUROFONIA is the pure invention of Leszek. This is a very colourful composition in which a refined symphonic orchestra is the background for a swinging jazz band accompanied by a soprano singer. This is a victory for the universal values of music and most of all a great victory for Leszek Kulakowski. — Anna & Carlos Sanchez Continue reading

Simple Acoustic Trio | Habanera | Not Two Records

It wasn’t long before Wasilewski formed Simple Acoustic Trio, a group that, with the exception of one personnel change early on when Michal Miskiewicz joined, remains unchanged to this day. “We started the group when we were in school,” Wasilewski explains, “and created the name in the playground. People have asked us if the name means anything, but it doesn’t really — we just wanted to have an English name because, for us, jazz was an American music. — John Kelman Continue reading